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Lottie and I are delighted to be collaborating with local, Chartered Financial Planners 'Efficient Portfolio' to bring you a FREE webinar on Tuesday, 26th January, 2021 at 4pm called "Leaving a Legacy: Maximising Your Equity for the Next Generation".


For many, the largest asset we own will be our homes.  In our working lives many people allocate a large proportion of our incomes into securing and maintaining our dream home.  However, as our lifestyles and needs change as we reach retirement, the capital we’ve invested could be put to much better use, for example to leave a much more substantial legacy to our loved ones, which we can watch them enjoy during our lifetimes.

Downsizing your property can not only better suit your lifestyle needs, but it is also a strategy that can help you to increase the inheritance you leave to your loved ones.  The main upside to downsizing is that you can access the capital you’ve invested, which can also be used to provide an early inheritance for your loved ones, or reinvested to protect that capital for their future benefit.

However, if you are considering downsizing so that you can leave a legacy, there are several financial considerations that you will need to bear in mind.
There are a range of solutions available, including Trust, tax and investment planning.  However, all of these areas can be complex, time-consuming and confusing.  That is why we are working in collaboration with local, Chartered Financial Planners Efficient Portfolio, to bring you some clarity and clear insight into how to protect your residual equity and provide a long-lasting legacy for your loved ones.

To explain in detail, we are delighted that Charlie Reading will be our speaker.  Charlie is a Chartered Financial Planner and the Managing Director of Efficient Portfolio Wealth Management. Having working in the industry since 1999, he has gained specialist qualifications in investments, pensions, taxation and Trusts.  He also been awarded Chartered Status, which is the industry’s ‘gold standard’ and places him in the top 14% of all Financial Planners in the UK.  This enables him to give expert, holistic advice to both companies and individuals.

Charlie will talk about how best to create a legacy for the next generation by maximising the value tied up in your property.  During this informative talk, Charlie will explain how you can strategically plan to maximise your wealth for you and the next generation through downsizing, and provide clear cut guidance on the options available.  

Charlie will be on hand to answer any of your questions during the webinar.

Click HERE FOR YOUR FREE PLACE on the webinar to be held on Tuesday, 26th January at 4pm.