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Property Consultants with a passion for unique homes

We understood unique homes deserved better marketing. We realised we could make a difference for our clients.

Lottie and I had been in our high street sales and letting agency for 15 years when our light bulb moment hit. When marketing a high value home, we realised the ‘traditional estate agent’ approach didn’t go far enough. We felt unique, luxury, high end homes needed unique marketing and so we knew a radically different approach was needed.

To celebrate the individuality and exceptional features of your unique home requires more than ‘just your average’ marketing. It means going above and beyond and taking a personal approach.

It begins with a more refined level of client care. There’s customer service and then there is Pelham James customer service.

We don’t sell high volumes of properties; we sell high end homes. Operating in this niche area of the industry allows us the time and space to get to know your home – and to understand your needs.

Every member of our team knows every detail of your home. It is our inside-out, inch perfect knowledge of each home we bring to the market that distinguishes us.

Unique homes are special. It can take just one buyer to fall in love with your home. That’s why our specialist marketing and deep industry knowledge ensure that we tease out the very best elements of your home, presenting them in a polished and aspirational way.

We know because we’ve been there; we’re husband and wife, parents, local business owners, period homeowners and renovators.  We’ve relocated from overseas to a new area with a young family and we’re avid sports participants, sports followers, and sports kit launderers! In summary, we’re a busy, hardworking family loving Rutland and Stamford life. Sound familiar?

When you sell your home with us, we guarantee you our undivided attention. We will share feedback after viewings, we are constantly monitoring our marketing to ensure your home sells as quickly as possible. Our dedication to communication from our tightly knit team - is at the heart of what makes us so different.

Once your home is under offer, we stay by your side. We keep things in-house, never outsourcing, making sure you are kept totally abreast with what’s happening at every stage. Our choice to only market the most unique homes in Rutland and Stamford gives us the flexibility and capacity to devote our attention wholeheartedly to your home, over every step of its sales progress, staying connected to you and your home sale until far beyond the finish line.

Now you know our story, we’d love to hear yours. You’ll often find us on the side lines of our children’s sports matches or walking our Labrador in the glorious local countryside. You might find us treating ourselves to brunch at Fika on Mill Street in Oakham or one of the many other mouth-watering cafes and family-owned bistros we are so lucky to enjoy around here – please tap us on the shoulder and say hello.  If you’re passing, pop your head around our door at 3 Saddler’s Court, our kettle is always on, and you’ll be very welcome. You can also drop us a line at we’d love to hear from you.

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