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Just like our out-of-area buyers, London, and overseas buyers seeking to call Rutland and Stamford home, we are looking to embrace a better and more effective pace. After all, isn’t it true that the finest wines take the longest time to mature?  Our marketing takes a little longer than that of your average agent, because true craftsmanship (and by this we mean our unique, tried and tested marketing campaigns) takes time, attention to detail and a lot of love to perfect. The result?  Beautiful bespoke brochures, exquisite photography and poetic descriptions that are befitting of your high-end home. Here’s how the pieces of this puzzle fit together to create a seamless and showstopping snapshot of your home for the buyer:

Picture Perfect

As Ansel Adams once said, “you don’t take a photograph, you make it”. Our lifestyle directed, professional photography captures the sway of the rope-swing beneath the willow tree, the picnic on the rug, the glowing embers of the fire pit at sun set, the twist of the flames in your cosy living room’s log burner as sunset beckons through the window beyond. Our drone photography and film grant a bird’s eye view of your home, gardens, and its serene setting.

Your home has never been pictured like this; we guarantee it. We take imaginative, evocative twilight photographs that capture the imagination and distinguish your home from would-be competitors.


Styling to Sell

Every home we sell has its own unique beauty. But sometimes, we like to enhance the beauty of your home even more through our home styling. We work closely with you, room to room, primping, accessorising and sometimes simplifying where needed to allow its best assets to shine.


Enticing Descriptions

Your home is made up of more than bricks and mortar; it’s the lives lived within its walls, memories made and stories yet to be written that make a house a home. Our creative and descriptive details skilfully written by a professional copywriter will capture your buyer’s imagination, weaving a picture with words of the unique lifestyle your home offers and compelling them to come and view your home for themselves.


Bespoke Brochures

Once we have captured the perfect images and conjured the ideal words, our talented graphic designer will craft an enchanting magazine-style brochure, utterly bespoke to your home. Showcasing all that makes it unique, and complementing the elevated lifestyle your home offers, our beautiful brochures will not only wow buyers, but will provide you with a memento of this chapter of your life to keep forever. Locally designed and printed, they’re a powerful marketing tool.


Lights, Camera, Action

Lottie’s expertise in visual communication helps to distinguish our lifestyle videos. A highly popular and effective method of promoting your home across the many social media platforms and channels, watch our PJ Property Tour Videos, which ensure your home reaches viewers not only in the local area, but on a global scale – attracting relocating overseas buyers.

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Powerful Bespoke Sale Boards

Our bespoke for sale picture boards do exactly what they should do: celebrate your home. We don’t use your home sale as an opportunity to market our own brand. Instead, we choose to showcase your home, as seen at twilight perhaps, or from the air. They are particularly effective for homes that can’t be seen directly from the road.


Social Media

Selling homes is a dialogue, not a monologue. That’s why you won’t find us hidden away in a fusty office, but ‘live’ and in technicolour on your social media.

Leading the way on social media, we like to think of ourselves as pioneers of online property marketing. Did you know, through our innovative social media campaigns, our homes are selling faster, directly, before we even have the chance to display them on Rightmove?

Come on over and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube – and you’ll see why.

The world is evolving. Property marketing is evolving. It’s exciting, we love it, and we would be proud to work with you and be part of your moving journey.


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    We only ever sell unique homes. The best part of selling unique homes? We have a hand-picked group of buyers eager to be matched to their new and distinctive home. This means we can swiftly set up a viewing on your home by skilfully matching their wish list features with your home. 

    Our discerning selection of eligible, actively searching, super-keen buyers are waiting to buy their next dream home with us. Could it be yours?

    What’s more, if you’re looking to stay in this area and are struggling to find your next home, we may have just been instructed to market your dream home. Let us know what’s on your wish list and let us play home-cupid for you too.

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