Is Stamford Too Densely Populated?

In this week’s article on the Stamford property market, we discuss Stamford’s population density comparing it with our neighbouring towns and other hotspots around the country to decide if we are getting too overcrowded! […] Read more >

Rutland homeowners can now build larger extensions without planning permission.

In this week’s article, I talk about the government’s recent permanent decision to relax planning permission regulations with regard to extensions and discuss how it could affect the Stamford and Rutland property market.  […] Read more >

Which Stamford Street has seen the highest number of property sales over the past 3 years?

In this week’s article on the Stamford and Rutland property market I share our top tips for homeowners and buyers to help minimise stress when selling and buying your home.  I then look at Stamford property market sales over the last 36 months and report on which streets in Stamford have sold the most homes over the same period. […] Read more >

Home Styling For A Summer Sale

Summer can be an exciting time of year to sell your home; the garden has never looked better and the rooms are bathed in light. To help make your home look its best this season, we bring you five easy ways to style your home for summer.  […] Read more >

The Affordability of Buying Property in Oakham

In this week’s article on the Stamford and Rutland property market we talk about the affordability of buying a home in Oakham and how the changes in the local housing market since 1997 have meant the demand for private rental properties in the area will continue to grow for the foreseeable future. […] Read more >

Successful Downsizing - Our Complete Guide

Are you or your parents thinking of downsizing? Our step-by-step guide is here to help you! […] Read more >

45 percent more homes for sale in Oakham than a year ago

In this week’s article, I talk about the NUMBER of properties on the Rutland housing market today compared to a year ago and also take a look at how LONG property is on the market compared to a year ago. I then analyse the numbers and talk about what they mean for Oakham property sellers, landlords and homeowners alike. […] Read more >

Unemployment…The Secret Driver of the Stamford & Rutland Property Market?

In this week’s article on the Stamford and Rutland Property Market, I talk about how unemployment is an important factor to judge the health of the PE9 and LE15 Property Market. I also touch on the obsession of house prices, when in fact ‘housing transactions’ could be a better judge of the condition, vigour and direction on whether to buy and sell your next home in Stamford, Oakham and Rutland. […] Read more >

Are you struggling to sell your home in Stamford or Rutland?

If you're struggling to sell your Stamford or Rutland home, here's our helpful guide on how to help you to move on successfully […] Read more >

Stamford House Prices UP 2.7% in a Year

This week, we analyse how the rents and values of Stamford properties have changed recently and its affect on the Stamford property market... […] Read more >

New Home Building in Rutland 2018 RISES to 35% above the post-millennium average

With all the new-homes building sites in Oakham and around, you'd be forgiven asking whether we are building to many homes - or are we? This week, we look into the local housing figures and discuss what it means for local homeowners and landlords... […] Read more >

Preparing to sell your home in Stamford and Rutland - Our Step by Step Guide

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Stamford Buy-To-Let Annual Returns Hit 12.45% in Last 10 Years

How the Stamford Property Market compares with other investment platforms - what all Stamford homeowners and landlords need to know. […] Read more >

Less Rutland youngsters have invested in property over the last 20 years...

The proportion of 25 to 34-year olds who own their home in Oakham has nearly halved in the last 20 years, so what does this mean for all the existing Oakham landlords and homeowners together with all those youngsters considering buying their first home? […] Read more >

The Stamford Property Market versus London

In this week’s article on the Stamford property market, I discuss how the Stamford property market has performed against both the national housing market and, in particular, the London property market. My research shows both Stamford and London were neck and neck for house price growth for the majority of the years between 1979 and 2007, yet London took a different direction after the credit crunch. I also write about whether the recent drops in London will affect the Stamford market and my concerns going forward… […] Read more >

As 32.9% of Oakham property on the market is 'Sold'... are there any local 'Brexit bargains?'

In Oakham, 16.8% of properties for sale have reduced their asking price in the last 3 months by an average of 5.0%, so are there any 'Brexit Bargains' to be had in LE15? […] Read more >

How to choose the right estate agent to sell your home in Stamford and Rutland

So you’ve boxed up a whole load of clutter, you’ve fixed that annoying dripping tap and buffed and polished your home. Well done! Now comes what for some sellers feels like a really challenging task: choosing your estate agent. […] Read more >

Selling homes in Stamford and Rutland differently, and better

Our bespoke 'For Sale' boards are a brilliantly effective way of catching house buyers' attention, and they are really loving them. And, so are our homeowners! […] Read more >

Oakham House Prices up 25.8% in the last 5 years

With Rutland house buying patterns changing recently, we look at how the different property types have performed. […] Read more >

Rutland Property Market - Outlook for 2019

With the average value of an Oakham property currently £352,600, what's ahead for the Stamford and Rutland property market in 2019... […] Read more >

Should local landlords purchase larger Stamford homes?

Stamford homeowners are 82% more likely to live in a home with 3 or more bedrooms than those that privately rent. In this week's article, David analyses Stamford's housing stock into bedrooms and tenure. […] Read more >

Last year, 50% of Oakham homes were bought with cash.

Should you buy a property outright or take on a mortgage? […] Read more >

The Rise in Stamford Property Values

Stamford homeowners have made an annual profit of £14,109 since the Millennium. How much has your home increased in value? […] Read more >

Thinking about retiring and privately renting in Rutland?

The cost of retiring and privately renting in Rutland could make you £2,700 a year worse off... […] Read more >

All Love And No Take? If everyone loves your home, why hasn't it sold?

We know the first 4-6 weeks are key for successful house selling, so, why hasn’t your house sold? […] Read more >

5 Tips for Cleaning Out Your Garage

Struggling to sell your Stamford or Rutland home? Maybe your garage is giving buyers the wrong signals. Here are our 5 top tips for cleaning out and moving on UPP! […] Read more >

5 Reasons why an independent estate agent is more effective at selling your Stamford or Rutland home

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Taking a break from the market over winter - then here's what you need to know...

Taking a break from the Stamford and Rutland property market over winter can have massive strategic advantages as you prepare to sell […] Read more >

3 or 4 bed homes...which sell the best in Rutland?

[…] Read more >

Selling your home? Then don't leave your buyers in the dark!

Are you selling your home? Have you thought about how your home looks in the dark? […] Read more >

How To Make Space In Your Home

How To Make Space In Your Home; Top tips to help you create space in your home, no matter what the size! […] Read more >

How To Style Your Bedroom For Successful Sales Viewings

The Stamford and Rutland property market is strong, but the skill is attracting that one buyer and making them love what they see when they step into your home... […] Read more >

Blog Introduction

David and I regularly contribute within our local press on issues surrounding the Stamford and Rutland property market... […] Read more >

How the Rutland property market compares with the rest of the UK

This week, I look at what factors affect the national housing market and how the Rutland property market compares... […] Read more >

The effect of interest rises on the Rutland Property Market

To understand Rutland property values, you need to look at the whole picture going back 40 years. In this article, David looks into the effect of interest rises on the Rutland housing market. […] Read more >

Will the Stamford Property Market Crash?

This week, we discuss the impact on Stamford house values if there's another global financial crisis...and I mention the Brexit word! […] Read more >