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As we settle into the first few weeks of 2024, you may contemplate moving home. Whether it’s a quest for more bedrooms or reception rooms, a desire for a larger garden, a view, a move closer to the countryside, or downsizing, the New Year symbolises new beginnings.

In navigating this journey, selecting the right Stamford and Rutland estate agent becomes crucial to help you move.


The team at Pelham James have come up with some top tips to help you choose the right estate agent in Stamford and Rutland for you…

Begin by consulting those closest to you. Recommendations from friends and family can provide valuable insights, particularly regarding estate agents in Stamford and Rutland. Their experiences can highlight agents who are communicative, knowledgeable, and efficient, essential qualities in securing a property that meets or exceeds your price expectations.


Next, turn to the wealth of information available online. Reviews on platforms like Facebook and Google offer a window into the experiences of others with various Stamford and Rutland estate agents. However, approach these reviews with a balanced perspective, recognising that not all feedback may be entirely objective.

Your research should extend to the estate agents' websites. Compare their services, fees, and property marketing strategies. Assess their engagement with the Stamford and Rutland community through social media interactions and useful blog articles, demonstrating their local area expertise.


Equally important is understanding the different operational models of estate agents in Rutland – from high street offices to internet based and hybrid models. Each comes with its benefits and drawbacks, tailored to individual needs. Please pay close attention to their terms and conditions. How long is their sole agency agreement (this is particularly important)? Do they have any charges if you withdraw your property from the market while marketing your home with them?


As you narrow down your choices, evaluate the agents' performance and ability to meet your specific requirements, whether the number of viewings, website views, proactive outreach to potential Rutland buyers, or achieving a timely offer.

Remember, the right agent should excel in selling properties like yours and possess in-depth knowledge of the Stamford and Rutland area, ensuring accurate valuations and effective communication with prospective buyers.

Finally, trust your instincts. The right estate agent for your Stamford and Rutland property will often resonate with you beyond just the facts and figures.


Trust Pelham James To Sell Your Unique Home in Rutland & Stamford

Pelham James is an estate agent in Rutland with a difference. We understand that unique and luxurious homes need better marketing, while their owners deserve a refined level of customer service. We aim to make a difference by making your property stand out from the crowd through bespoke and high-end marketing strategies.

For personalised, no-obligation advice on selling your home in Stamford or Rutland, our expert property team at the Pelham James is ready to assist.

If you would like to discuss this in any more detail, or any other matters relating to the property market in Rutland, feel free to get in touch with our team at Pelham James.




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