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The Latest Update for Home Buyers and Sellers

From David & Lottie at Pelham James 

The housing market has now re-opened, and we are now able to resume viewings and valuations, and help people to carry out their moving plans. With so many buyers and sellers waiting for lockdown to end, we expect an initial surge of requests. This will really help to kick start the housing market, but it may be fairly short-lived, and could peter out within a few months. Over the last few weeks, we have taken dozens of calls from people wanting to view our homes as soon as viewings are possible, and these enquiries are increasing daily. Our first priority is to book in those viewings.  But we need to make sure our clients, our buyers and our team are safe:

Safe viewings

We have been given guidelines on how to conduct viewings safely, and have set out processes to adhere to them. These include:

  •  Personal protective equipment (PPE) – we now have gloves and masks available for our team to use while conducting a viewing, and also for the use of buyers, if they do not have their own.
  • Limits on viewings – no more than one viewing on a property, per day. Or for viewings to be a prescribed time apart, eg with a two-hour interval.
  • Time limits on viewings –no more than 30 minutes to view one property
  • Viewings to be ‘contactless’ – where possible and appropriate, we will leave doors and main cupboards open, so buyers don’t need to touch them.
  • Distance viewings – the owner or viewer to remain out of the house whilst the viewing takes place, in the car or the garden.

Note: we have a written Health and Safety Viewings Process our team must adhere to, which is available to view on request.

Safe valuations

We are now able to offer valuation visits to homeowners looking to move, following the same safety guidelines. If you need a valuation but would prefer this to be done remotely, we can offer advice via video. Just call us on 01572 497 070 or email us at and we will arrange this for you.

Homes waiting to go on the market

We have a list of homes ready to be photographed and launched on Rightmove. These will now go ahead as soon as possible, because we know there are buyers waiting to view, and move home. We expect there to be an initial swell of homes available to buy, but it may take many months for availability levels to get back to normal. If demand from buyers remains near-normal, there will be a lack of supply of homes. As a result, we don’t expect house prices to fall in our area, but to remain at their pre-lockdown levels. However, this situation could change very quickly, so that’s why it’s important to talk to us, whether you’re buying or selling a home, to get specific advice on your individual circumstances. 

Further information

Public Health England and the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government are working closely with the National Association of Estate Agents Propertymark, to make sure our industry is safe for everyone. Estate agents, conveyancers, surveyors and removal firms will all work in accordance with the new guidelines, which will affect everyone involved in the industry. As the situation changes, we will provide further updates on an ongoing basis.  

How you can help us, to help you

If you’re selling your home with us right now, it’s important to be viewing-ready, so if you haven’t already received our Preparing to Sell Checklist, you can email us HERE and we’ll send it to you straight away.

To make sure your home is safe to view, and reassure viewers, all surfaces need to be sparkling clean, using a bleach-based cleaner where possible and appropriate. A home that smells freshly cleaned will help a buyer to relax, so they can better focus on the features of your home.

Not sure whether to sell right now? Talk to us:

Whatever your moving plans were before lockdown, they may well have changed now. If you were planning on moving home, and you’re now reconsidering, a chat with us may help to clarify your options. On the other hand, if you have recently decided you need to move house because your circumstances have now changed, let’s chat as soon as possible, so we can help you to put a moving plan together.

Whatever your plans, we’re here to help. A chat with us now may reassure you and help you make an informed decision for you and your family.
Just call on 01572 497 070 or email us HERE 
and we’ll respond quickly and in confidence.

David & Lottie