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The Stamford and Rutland property market is strong, but the skill is attracting that one buyer and making them love what they see when they step into your home.  A well styled home can add to your property’s value and, therefore, you should treat home styling as an investment in your house sale and a beautifully presented bedroom with a stylishly made bed is vital.

Here’s how to help you make your house stand out from its competition and how to achieve the best price as you try to sell your home.

Tidy & Prepare

Firstly, let’s assume you’ve refreshed the paintwork, professionally cleaned the carpets and all personal belongings such as photo frames, magazines and newspapers, water bottles, coffee cups, medications and tissue boxes have been removed out of sight.

Pair Up

If you have the space add matching bedside tables.  If you have existing bedside tables, consider whether they’d benefit from painting them in a chalk paint in a neutral tone.

Light The Way

Assess whether your ceiling light could benefit from an upgrade or a replacement shade.  Then, add a pair of bedside lamps in a pale colour or a waxed neutral wood with a natural linen shade – Dunelm, The Range and Wilko’s all have superb, simple lamps that won’t break the bank.  Tuck away unsightly cables and hide electrical sockets behind furniture where possible.

Room With A View

Anyone coming to view your home will automatically go to the window and take in the view.  Clean the window frames and the glass thoroughly.  If the curtains are old and worn replace them with a pale linen or if in doubt, buy plain white or an off-white roman blind.

And So To Bed

Invest in the finest quality bedlinen, covers and accessories you can afford.  Reversible duvet cover sets are really on-trend at the moment and alternating between patterns is a speedy way to create a fresh look.  Mix and match different prints together to add contrast.  Turn down the top of the duvet for added interest.  However, if you have patterned wallpaper or a strong colour elsewhere in the room, stick to plain white cotton bedding and ultimately this is a failsafe solution.

Pillow Talk

These need to be big, fat and ready to plump.  As a minimum, style each bed with four pillows for a double or king size bed and two pillows per single bed.  If you have a super-king bed then buy super-king pillows.  A question I am often asked by our vendors is whether to place the pillows on top of the duvet or beneath it?  Personally, I prefer to see the pillows sat on top of the duvet.

Yes, more cushions

Odd numbers work really well and will attractively fill the large space on the bed.  Try three cushions of five on a larger bed.  It’s great to experiment by mixing different styles, sizes, colours, textures and designs.  Make sure the cushion pad inside is plump and fills the cushion cover.

The Finer Details

Add a bedspread.  You can add more colour and texture here and this is a really simple and effective way to update your look for different seasons.  Introduce a lightweight weave or jacquard for spring/summer or a heavier cable knit or faux fur for autumn/winter.  And then, add a throw.   Keep it casual and don’t fold it too carefully.  The throw needs to look informal, spontaneous and appealing.

Finishing Touches

Finally, take a small jug of vase, cut some fresh greenery, herbs or roses from your garden and display next to one side of your bed.

Save your bedding purely for the photo shoot and the viewings.  If you’re short on time before the viewing and you have the storage space, keep a spare duvet dressed with the new, crisp bedding and you’ll be viewing ready in minutes.

We share tips and advice with our homeowners on how they can make their house stand out from the competition and how to achieve the best price as they sell their home.  

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