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So, you’ve put your house on the market, you’ve tidied everything away and you’re waiting by the phone for the viewings to start.  But, before any potential buyers call your agent to request a viewing, it’s very likely they’ll drive past your home on a reconnaissance mission!  This may be during the day, but they may also drive by for a snoop when they think you won’t spot them ….in the dark! 

But, have you thought about how your home looks in the dark?

You want to give the impression that your house is inviting, warm and cosy and you want it to look well maintained, and that it’s EASY to maintain.  If it looks tired on the outside, they may be put off from viewing it on the inside.

We know you want to get every penny you can get for your house, so help yourself maximise its value with these top 10 tips.

  1. Drive by your house and look at it from the kerbside in the daylight and again once it’s gone dark.  Try to look at it with fresh eyes and imagine you’re seeing it for the very first time… 
  2. Ask yourself if you can clearly see the house name and number?  If your house is on a street where similar homes are also for sale, make sure your home stands out in a positive way.
  3. Your agent can arrange for a ‘sale board’ to be erected at your property, and this is hugely helpful as your buyers attempt to locate your home in the dark.  A board will also help differentiate your home from any other similar homes for sale in the same street.
  4. Make sure every broken bulb is replaced and all lights and table lamps are in full working order throughout the house.  This is critical for all outdoor lights, especially if they are illuminating pathways, porches and entrances. 
  5. If you’re not due home until after dark, set some automatic timer plugs to come on, particularly in the hallway and on a landing as the warm glow will shine into other rooms.
  6. Arrange for your heating to come on in advance of any viewings, and if you have an open fire or a woodburning stove, light it well in advance of your agent arriving.
  7. Keep your log baskets well stocked because it looks cosy and an empty log basket gives the impression the home is hard to heat and you’re running out of fuel!
  8. Clean out any detritus from gutters and ensure any garden debris, dead leaves or weeds have been removed from steps and footpaths and fix any loose paving stones or uneven footings.
  9. Don’t dry your laundry on radiators or hang shirts off curtain poles, as both are unsightly. 
  10. Be ready for viewings at short notice!
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